Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Homo Pour Hermès

We may embellish a fetish here or an inch there on our Gay.com profiles. But helping us actually make good on another exaggeration – more than the spam emails promising to enhance our members ever could – is a design competition from Hermès.

Designboom is teaming up with the luxury brand to launch a competition that might help us look good in more ways than one. If we win the Hermès tie design contest, the rumor (that we may have started) concerning our imagined term as a freelancer for the fashion house will have its merit; if we don’t take the top position (a position we aren’t accustomed to), we’ll soon have a new creative neckpiece from one of our favorite labels to toss around our collars.

The tie competition might be cutthroat (pun intended), but the easy application process allows us to focus our queer eye on the Hermès tie.

By easy, we mean Blanche Devereaux easy – contestants simply download a PDF file displaying a blank tie, and the rest is up to their Photoshopping prowess. (Considering the touch-ups worthy of Us Weekly Magazine that grace most social networking profiles, we know we’ll have steep competition.)

While we have the $4,000 prize in sight, Hermès’s production of the winner’s tie and subsequent royalties has us thinking outside the boy box for once, focused instead a little bit above the belt.

After all, we took third place in a recent amateur pearl necklace competition, so we know our way around a man’s neck. We just have to refine our act a bit for the French label…

Free registration is now open, and closes
Saturday, August 1, 2009
Deadline for entries is Wednesday, August 5, 2009