Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Enhancing Our Loads

A life on Lisperia Lane still maintains its place atop our list of (g-rated) fantasies. We’ve tweaked our chicken kiev to just the right balance of flavors; our knees have bruised time and time again after spending entire afternoons on all fours (cleaning!); we’ve learned, through trial and horror, how to not shrink shirts (though we’ll politely disagree with our friends and maintain that we can rock a halter) – all in the hopes of one day becoming domestic housewives.

While we wait (and wait) and date (and date and date), it wouldn’t hurt to kick up our domestic skills a notch with the help of The Laundress line of laundry products.

At the risk of losing our stereotypical gay card, before we found the New York-based company, we let different fabrics wash together in a hedonistic orgy that’s sure to doom us to hell and make our grandmothers turn in their graves. But the Laundress’s line of eco-friendly detergents is specifically designed to keep certain groups of clothing together, like denim, swimwear or cashmere.

Unsurprisingly, washing clothes in this homogenous fashion keeps them much more fresh and crisp than the traditional hetero-based ways of yore.

The Laundress also offers other professional-worthy products that make us feel like we’re in the secret back room of our local dry cleaners again (we won’t tell you what we were doing back there the first time). Hopefully our new washer and dryer accessories will one day help us land Mr. Rich Tight Right.

After all, our drag mothers have always told us that if we wanted to land a husband, we’d need to learn to do it like professionals at home…

16 oz Denim Wash, $18
4 oz Swimwear Care, $8
16 oz Wool & Cashmere Shampoo, $18

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