Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Supplemental Feeding

The High Holy Days of Pride are nearly upon us, and we don’t wish to be bad gays. To keep in line with the traditions passed down from our ancestors, we’ll join the rest of the community in baring our bodies at parades across the nation.

By maintaining a strict diet of lettuce and champagne, we homos might have managed to meet our goals. However, it’s the unofficial sixth food group, protein, which plays the largest part in obtaining the body we’ve been praying for.

While the aisles of the local pharmacy or smoothie shop are inundated with overwhelming options for buffing up our heavenly vessel, the yummy scoops of dietary supplements from John Scott’s Nitro are everything we’ve swished for.

Sure, we commit to supplement brands about as often as we commit to long term relationships, but you, our lovely readers, know we like it in more ways than vanilla – and JS Nitro supplies the flavors that keep us coming back (like fresh raspberry cream). Thankfully, the special protein powder blend accomplishes more than merely pleasing our palates; it also lacks the fillers commonly found mixed into most protein powders.

Of course Nitro’s proteins and other workout supplements contain a bunch of bio-chemical-medical lingo that sounds like the incomprehensible bridge of a Lady GaGa track, but we know it’s proving its mettle when we’re spending less at the bars and coming home (or not) just as tipsy as in the past.

Aside from encouraging others to pick up our bar tabs, the brand gives back to the community in other ways, like donating 5% of sales to a different non-profit each month (HRC benefits from sales through the end of May).

What other kinds of protein make us gays smile so? Actually, don’t answer that…

Fresh Raspberry Cream XP Protein, from $9 – $110

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