Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

We Wine Some, We Booze Some

Perhaps we’d be enthusiastic about attending sporting events if we added a bit of decorum to the activity. Sure, we’re used to painting our faces and bodies (with glitter), and gallivanting around shirtless in large crowds, but joining our hetero brothers in doing so at a game just seems stereotypical.

And that beer hat we see them wear makes complete sense, but we wouldn’t be caught giving head with it atop our carefully coifed hair, except maybe as a costume on Halloween or during a frat-boy role-playing session.

Making us want to throw our first ever fabulous tail bait party is a new way for gays to drink heavily in style: the wine glass tank. The peculiar-shaped vessel is a sight to behold, featuring a giant bulb intended to cradle a reserve of vino on one side, and a glass-like spout on the other. The two chambers are connected, allowing the drinker’s glass to never empty of the good stuff.

Despite having a constant flow of wonderful libation, the physics of it all ensures that the glass will not overflow – an issue we often encounter after a second round.

Yea, the price is a bit garish right now, but considering it’s either the glass tank or we revert to wrapping our lips around the previous methods we’ve employed – the spouts on boxes of Franzia; a straw poking out of a decanter – we’ll stick to the more fashionable of options.

Kouichi Okamoto Glass Tank, $339