Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

My Mojitos Bring All The Boys To The Yard

Finally. We’re better than Oprah. Sure, she can create a frenzy when she gives out coupons for free KFC, but throwing a grilled chicken party isn’t going to fill your house with hotties in swimsuits.

But we’ve got the hookup on something that would make O’s weave spin three times and tickler her vajayjay. From now until the end of July, Bacardi will come to your home, office or Winnebago (we have a surprising number of Road Rules contestants as readers) and throw you one hell of a Mojito party.

Their professional mixologists will bring rum, ice, limes, mint, cups and everything else you need to learn how to make the perfect Mojito. But there’s only one catch: it’s free. Yes, 100 percent gratis. All you have to do is supply at least 40 guests over 21 (they’re serious about no-chicken rules, too) and a venue without a liquor license.

Dallas is one of just a handful of markets getting the opportunity to have free Bacardi Mojito Mix parties, so log on immediately and reserve your date before someone greedy snatches it up.

Oprah, girl, we’re talkin’ to YOU.

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