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Democracy Demystified

Facebook-stalking now consumes more of our time at the office than paperwork. (Pause for applause.)

But what good has it brought us?

Last we checked, restraining orders fell into the “not good” category. If the new political website Legistalker has anything to do with it, however, stalking might soon bring about positivity and change.

Armed with a Congressman’s name or even just a zip code, visitors to the site can extensively track their congressional representatives.

The access the site provides sure feels intimate – their profiles include information such as up-to-the-session voting history, the rep’s social networking profiles or the number of times the congressman has used certain words, for example.

No longer are the waters of democracy muddy and addled with propaganda; Legistalker does a comprehensive job of making government transparent with an easy-to-use interface.

With all the good that can come from keeping tabs on elected representatives, leave it to us to turn the site into an expression of lust; it was Legistalker that first led us to the shirtless photos of Republican Aaron Schock, who sports cheese-grater abs and two impeccable wonders.

Now that’s our idea of transparency in the legislative process…


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