Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Taste Of The Far East

As the hipness of Henderson continues its eastward crawl, new restaurants and bars are popping up that nobody would’ve ever dreamed even five years ago, let alone 10.

Once home to some of the most iffy apartment structures, psychics and low-end stores, the neighborhood now boasts many top dining destinations. In a space that used to be a very basic Latino grocery store, Sushi Axiom has risen like a bright shiny star. And it’s made of Ahi Tuna.

While Uptown, Oak Lawn and the Park Cities are crawling with sushi joints, East Dallas is pretty lacking in the category – unless you happen to get an undercooked fish taco.

Sushi Axiom started in Fort Worth, but this Dallas outpost is ideal for the residents of this up-and-coming ‘hood, as well as anyone hoping to get away from the chaos of Henderson Avenue just east of 75. The heavy traffic hasn’t yet made it this far down, but give it a few months and we’ll all wish we weren’t such a car-dependent town.

So, “More about the food and less about city planning!” you say?

Fear not, the sushi here is excellent and in a few cases, quite inventive. Our fave? Appropriately enough, it’s the Henderson Roll, a combination of shrimp, crab, avocado and cream cheese deep-fried and dressed with sweet soy sauce. Fried sushi, we like. Throw it on a stick and enter it into the State Fair, guys.

Sashimi was extremely fresh and well prepared, as were many of the more standard rolls we tried.

Crab nachos were delicious, but the description by the server and the realization upon receiving the plate that he wasn’t kidding about the “Tostito Scoop” made us giggle. There it is, a tiny corn tortilla cup made by good ol’ Frito Lay. A homemade chip would make this dish a real standout. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still yummy, but a Tostito? We’re just grateful it wasn’t on a Pringle or stuffed into a Bugle.

For non-fish eaters, don’t even open the menu. One bite of the Dancing Ribeye will make you jump out of your chair and do the moonwalk, the cha-cha, and a short tango with your waiter before sitting down and licking every drop of sauce off the plate. This is a dish that will keep us going back again and again. In fact, we’re drooling just a little bit right now.

If weather permits, get a patio table and enjoy the East Dallas air. It’s more exotic and far less pretentious than other zip codes. Plus, think how jealous your friends will be of your tales of adventure.

Sushi Axiom
2323 North Henderson Avenue, Dallas
(214) 828-2288

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