Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

No Longer Odorable

A little musk on a man isn’t a bad thing. But the key word is “little” – a descriptor we rarely use when seeking out play dates.

We do have our olfactory limits, and though we may pretend to be perfect angels, there have been moments when our post-gym ankles have risen in the air with our shoes still on to keep a post-gym stench imprisoned within.

But our shoes aren’t exactly aerodynamic, and to help us streamline our docility at all times are a few new miraculous products from Copalife.

The brand’s socks and gym towels aid our illusion of perfection with an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-odor material. The products are so full of anti’s, they give the Phelps clan a run for their money. Thankfully, Copalife is on our side, and our feet.

The socks can even be worn for two straight gay and active weeks without working up a rumbling of a stench, though our non-straight-boy instincts have never allowed us to wear a garment for such a lengthy period.

The scent of a man will always drive us wild, but with Copalife’s help, we’ll be less self-conscious while we’re being dirty boys.

Stink Free Sports Socks, Set of 3, $15
Anti Odor Sports Towel, $20