Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Iceman Cometh

Someone a lot older than us once said, “Everything is good in moderation.”

Always submissively obedient, we’ve found success in moderating one of our most cherished vices thanks to the ice-ball forming devices from Taisin. While chewing gum or licking a Popsicle does little for our oral fixating, the spheres the molds create help us gain much ground in the area. We love slurping a few titillating balls during pool party season, and now we can do it without worrying a fellow partygoer’s video will show up on TMZ (again).

Besides, rolling two cool balls across our tongue is a much more tasteful way of proving our prowess than the old banana party trick we used to pull.

If a party’s guest list includes luminaries that might not appreciate the balls, yet who still find the traditional ice squares, well, square, the Aalto ice trays are the answer. Inspired by Finnish designer Alvar Aalto’s iconic wave symbol, these trays produce ice that might ignite a more enlightened, refined conversation than our tongue tricks ever could.

Regardless of which shape a party’s cocktail companions take, one thing is true: no matter how hard of a fight we put up, Mother Nature wins in the end. However, the non-cube shapes of these unconventional formations allow them to last as long as a twink on Viagra. It’s physics or something.

Ice Ball mold from Taisin, $170

Aalto Wave mold, $9