Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Don’t Hesitate. Breakout And Swing Out, Sisters!

“One-hit wonder” is such a harsh term. Sometimes it’s accurate, but other times it demeans a musical group that has great music but simply didn’t top the charts with every single they released. And that’s OK. That’s what overly produced ex-American Idol contestants are for.

Ever since the ‘80s (when we were mere toddlers) we’ve loved the smooth, jazzy sounds of Swing Out Sister. Their Breakout was a huge hit in 1986 and it always gets our toes tapping and our moods evened out – all without the need for a pill or two dropped in our Colorado Bulldog.

Their latest CD, Beautiful Mess was just released in the States and is a continuation of the signature sound that’s kept them in the music biz for more than three decades. In addition to totally loving the ultra-chill tracks, we must admit that we have a bit of a crush on singer Corinne Drewery. Maybe it’s because her name rhymes with “brewery” and we love beer. Hard to say.

The Beautiful Mess Tour kicked off in San Francisco yesterday, but if you’re lucky enough to live in one of the very select cities on this circuit, get your tickets soon. Because everybody loves a Swing’er.

Beautiful Mess
Available for download on iTunes for $9.99