Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

You’ve Been Drafted

The exploding number of social networking sites is starting to give us social anxiety. With each carving their own niche of the cultural fabric, the networks are becoming nothing more than cliques, similar to the ones we pretended we didn’t want to conquer in high school.

The newest network on the interwebs, Book Army, might be the more studious of its peers – or, translated into high school vernacular, where the “nerds” hangout.

By making literature the central way to connect to and share with users, the new social site might be where we fit in best (until the online version of a Glee Club arrives).

Sure, Facebook, Gay.com, Connexion, Myspace, et al, allow us to list our favorite books, but users from those sites have yet to contact us regarding our passion for print. Then again, until we perfect our abdominal airbrushing skills, it’s only spambots and desperate bands that send us any messages.

Book Army is different – at least the spambots there pretend to care about literature. As for the actual humans we’ve connected with, they’ve managed to help expand our gay lit knowledge without making us feel like philisqueens.

Sure, our shirtless profile picture may be out of place on a relatively highbrow social network, but it landed us a few “interviews” on LinkedIn. We’re hoping that on Book Army it scores us, as noted in the highly-regarded nature journal, Will & Grace, the rarest of gay birds: the gay nerd.

Until then, the site gets the blood flowing to an organ very different from the one the other social network’s help engorge…