Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Mane Attraction

Though it’s slowly betraying us as we age, our hair is still our prize attraction. Sure we catch extra attention on squat-workout days and have perfected the art of enhancing a Speedo just in time for the beach weather, but still, just as for most gays, our coif is the center of our universe.

Until the last of the traitors jump ship, our hair stylists will remain one of our five myFaves for free calls, our third “top” friend on Myspace, and our emergency contact on all legal documents. They’re our million dollar lifeline, and after a session with them we appear more youthful than Regis Philbin’s new neckline.

So you can imagine, lovely readers, the stressful uncertainty that is traveling while in need of a haircut. Sure, when in Phoenix or Provincetown, there’s always word of mouth to go by – but words aren’t what we’re looking for from fellow gay’s mouths while tipsy on holiday. Instead, we can now refer to the decisiveness of Mop Shots.

Launched by the ultra-resourceful folks at CitySearch, Mop Shots hosts a panel of esteemed beauty professionals from diverse backgrounds who critique salons across the country based on user-submitted photos of their cuts. The Dictators – as they’re so titled – are unaffiliated with any of the salons/cuts featured, and are there simply to highlight and comment on styles from the submission piles.

By searching a specific city and style, users take a gander at the resulting photos of real-people (not the retouched photos of flawless, square-jawed models, which were painfully hard to look at anyway), and can make salon choices accordingly based on the pro’s commentaries and other users’ feedback.

With Mop Shots around, we can let our untamed hair blow in the foreign winds of a different city and know that everything is going to be OK. Even our hometown stylists love the site, especially now that they don’t receive calls from psychiatric hospitals across the country informing them of our nervous breakdowns.