Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Coming Out From Undercover

We’ve tasted a lot while on vacation. In fact, our Pride tours across the country are basically all-you-can-eat boy-ffets. So centering a vacation – times when the only things to touch our tongues are either alcoholic or recovering – around food is a new, welcome frontier.

Allegedly possessing the country’s gayest student population per-capita, the Culinary Institute of America’s Sophisticated Palate culinary “vacations” make more than our stomachs growl.

Obviously we can’t wait to visit the Napa Valley campus and study wine secrets from local vintners, learn new cooking methods in the world’s top teaching kitchens, and visit nearby Napa farms to gain a new understanding of the word “fresh,” but come on, it’s nearly summer and our palate’s wouldn’t mind sampling fellow gay culinary students, too.

The intimate class settings (typically no more than 12 students) might streamline the student body camaraderie, but it also ensures that foodies become fully engaged in the institute’s bold culinary instructions.

Highlights on the campus’s schedule include the Taste of Northern California, and Foods and Flavors from the California Harvest courses, where possibly tasting virgin olive oil (literally “virgin” – students sample it the moment it’s pressed) and imbibing world class wines are the hardest chores of student life.

Our alma-mater remains branded on our soul, but the CIA’s gay-foodie oriented courses threaten to change the meaning of school pride.

A Taste of Northern California two-day course, $1,995
Foods and Flavors one-day course, $495
CIA’s Greenstone Campus is located in St. Helena, California