Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

It’s A Sticky Situation

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, we’re gay (and you may need to recalibrate your gaydar).

As it goes for our kind, we like placing our hands around rods, and shaking them like there’s no tomorrow. Something about the activity seems to charge our batteries.

Coincidentally, a new product coming to the market harnesses the kinetic power of our rod-handling habits to recharge batteries and devices. Utilizing the energy spent by our hands, a quick workout with the nPower PEG from Tremont Electric can recharge devices like cameras and iPhones, all with the shake of a stick.

The designers attest that the charging device can harness power within a backpack on a hike or anywhere else as long as it’s held upright during movement. Unsurprisingly, we prefer to hold the dark stick in our hands while we get the juices flowing.

Because of its size, ability to save us money on our power bills (rather than increase them), and the sheer fun involved, our future boyfriends might have a lot to live up to compared to the nPower PEG.

But, compared to the device, hopefully they won’t require an hour’s worth of jerking to only get 80% of the way there.

The nPower PEG launches soon
$150 estimated price tag

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