Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fancy Footwork

In the effort of lessening the frequency of flip-flops throughout gayborhoods this summer, we’re giving you an easy guide to the styles that’ll soar right along with the temperatures. Don’t get us wrong, lazy flip-flops have their appreciated place and time, but for the three scenarios below, we gays can be a little more creative. Work it, girl!

Work – The Naval from The Generic Man SS09
Sure it’s a striking addition to business attire, but the simple, elegant Naval shoe from The Generic Man makes exactly the impression we’re striving for at the office this summer. What’s that impression, you ask? – that we’re tragically hip and impossibly sophisticated non-generic men who adore the Generic Man brand. The bright white of this particular shoe, though a bit pure for our reputation, is ideal for the warmer months, while its leather sole and sophisticated canvas will beg us to push the boundaries of how far into fall we can rock the color on our feet.

Available at online at www.revolveclothing.com

Workout – the new 455 from New Balance
The bold “N” of New Balance has appeared below the ankles of many hot gym enthusiasts for years. In fact, after seeing so many large N’s on the feet of gorgeous men, we might have developed a Sesame Street-esque obsession with the letter. Never allowing us to slip into withdrawals, New Balance has updated their classic 455 collection for the first time in 30 years. The new color blocks and innovative materials are sure to make our feet popular, whether on the treadmill or behind our heads.


Working It – Sperry Canvas Authentic Original
Casual shoes are the least immune to trends. Van’s slip-ons conquered the country a few years back, but now might as well be as unapologetically out of touch as Crocs. This summer, dad knows best when it comes to what’s in style below our ankles: nautical loafers. Sure, boat shoes are for middle-aged prepsters and retired yuppies, but hipster enclaves have been slowly updating them, and now the footwear is a fashionable choice. Whether heading to a summer pool party or a night out at the bars, Sperry’s washed-canvas offering is our current favorite, and looks good with both shorts and jeans. With such versatility, it’s curious that us gays didn’t get our hands, err, feet, all over these things earlier…

Available online at www.oipolloi.com