Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fighting The Cole War

Don’t mistake it – fashion has purpose.

V-necks create the illusion that we can muster more than five push-ups in a row. Assless-chaps create the “illusion” that we’re easy. Regardless of their places in the fashion hierarchy, these items have made good on fulfilling their purpose of making our beds a little less lonely.

Kenneth Cole New York realizes that we gays use fashion as a tool to get what we want, and has launched the Awearness HRC line of t-shirts to do just that. While the purpose of this line is also concerned with the coming together of two same-sex partners, the coming together it hopes to inspire involves a little less clean-up.

In the post-Prop 8-upheld world (this is becoming a mouthful; thank Gay we like mouthfuls), the statement emblazoned on the Awearness shirt is timely: “Those against same-sex marriage aren’t thinking straight. (Or are they?)”

It’s simple, clever and astute, perfect for those of us who don’t favor shirts with sentences running across them (they tend to make us incorrectly believe we're being cruised.) But the cause is vital, and on top/versatile/bottom of that, Kenneth Cole is donating 100% of the shirts proceeds to the HRC.

If, like us, you enjoy cocktails with your charity work, pick up a shirt or seven at one of the upcoming Awearness touring parties. But if you can’t wait to utilize our community’s preferred first line of defense – fashion – to show your disappointment in the Prop 8 soap opera, the wonders of the Internets can have one to your door faster than you can say “equal protection under the law”…


Live Awearness events take place on Friday, June 26, 4 – 9 p.m.
New York – Kenneth Cole SoHo
Chicago – Kenneth Cole on Michigan Avenue
Dallas – Kenneth Cole in NorthPark
San Francisco – Kenneth Cole on Grant Avenue