Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Getting Carded

There’s an inherent kitsch factor, but still, snail mail is mostly passé in our humble opinions. We rarely enjoy escargot and our Venti mocha latte has eroded any remaining patience for communications that take longer than a quick connection to the nearest Wi-Fi network.

But we’ve always held a soft spot for antiques (or a hard one if they’re buying us drinks), and Enthusem cards are helping us remember the thoughtfulness of sending by post.

If you’re sick of the crudely drawn graphic designs of e-cards or using the martini-glasses background on Evite for the twelfth time, but consider the trip to Targét and locating a stamp too much effort, ordering a personalized card from Enthusem’s website might be the ideal solution.

After choosing the card’s front (either an uploaded image, or one of the company’s contemporary and eye-catching designs), senders write a personal message and decide whether or not to send an attachment (a file, MP3, video, webpage, etc.) along with the physical mailing.

The recipient, once recovered from the shock of receiving more thought than the usual “Happy Birthday” Facebook comment they’ve become accustomed to, notices the adorable card through the translucent envelope immediately. After opening, they can use a uniquely generated code to retrieve the attachment online.

We adore how stylishly simple Enthusem has made bridging the digital and physical worlds… though they might have made it too easy. We’ll need to pay special attention to ensure we don’t mix up grandma’s attachment with the explicit one intended to be sent with the “Let’s Go Out” card we’re mailing to a follower on Twitter…

First mailing is free
$3.00 per mailing after, but discounts are offered on bulk orders of 30 or more