Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

End Of The Scene?

Gayborhoods beware: in August, gay towns might become ghost towns.

Raspberry Stoli bottles will remain shockingly filled and overtake the stockrooms of gay clubs; an entire month of calling-in-sick by hairstylists will cause a sea of unkempt roots to swell; fruit flies everywhere will make disastrous fashion decisions after hundreds of unanswered calls to their fairy fashionista friends.

We’re not predicting a gay Armageddon – what’s to come in less than two months is even more dramatic: Yoostar.

Like Rock Band, the upcoming computer game will allow us to immerse ourselves into other people’s art, only this time the medium is film. Including a camera, green screen and software in the bundle, Yoostar will release the queen inside of us all – whether she’s of the drama or theater variety.

Though it’ll be odd to film a scene without a fluffer, we’re sure that the easy setup and plethora of film scenes both classic and contemporary will entice the actress right out of us. Sure, a few cocktails and a willing partner might have us recalling Mommie Dearest in front of glazed eyes at the bar, but being able to integrate our impeccable timing and gorgeous face into the actual scene of a film means we’re ready for the big time – which is, coincidentally, the name of the last picture we may or may not have auditioned for.

Yoostar has already announced a few of the famous scenes that can be penetrated at launch, including a healthy list of iconic roles fit for gays (Sunset Boulevard, Some like it Hot). The excitement has us readying our wigs and costumes, and even practicing the parts we might consider a stretch – the roles of men.

Perhaps, though, we can ease into the masculine parts with Yoostar’s Spartacus scene. After all, we already have the gladiator outfits…

Yoostar launches in August and will be available online and in retail
$170 suggested retail price
To reserve the product or for more information, visit www.yoostar.com