Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Riff That Keeps On Giving

It pains us to admit, but we’re more Ryan Shecrest than Adam Lambert. Sure, our eyeliner runs thick, photos of us making out with several strangers at Burning Man circulate the Interwebs, and we may have a hint of a crush on Kris Allen, but the similarities to the AI runner up end there. Of course we can hit those notes, but they remain in our untamed registers, only teased out by spiders or glimpses of Robert Pattinson.

If we had Lambert’s vocal prowess and could sing a pleasant birthday shanty, we wouldn’t have to spend dozens hundreds of dollars a year on birthday gifts for loved ones. Since our throats exceed in other areas of discipline, we can instead resort to GreetBeatz.com for auditory birthday lovin’.

Similar to the Faux Show gift package, givers can commission the Greet Beatz artists to craft a personalized song for a recipient. But instead of receiving a snail-mailed package from across the pond, Greet Beatz uploads their customized tune to the recipient’s Facebook page for all to hear, queers!

The lack of packaging allows the company to provide its creativity at affordable costs, even for free if you’re willing to add only a few customizations to a pre-written song. For fuller customizations, the price goes up slightly, but so does the thought.

Greet Beatz’s tracks are surprisingly clever and current, wittily weaving personalized lyrics into songs that could easily be heard at the club, unless it’s our FB page that’s used as inspiration for a customized song – that hypothetical track would be too raunchy for even Peaches to add to her B-Sides.

Completely customized songs from 60 – 90 seconds, $10
Longer completely customized songs, $50
Songs are completed & available for preview within 5 days