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The Curious (Pillow)Case of Skin-Rejuvenating Satin

Modern life has us so heavily bombarded with the latest youth-extending products that we’re starting to wish the helmets reserved for our bedroom could help shield us from all the hysteria.

It doesn’t help that we’re practically hysterical ourselves when the latest craze promises to return us to the glory-hole days of twinkhood. Hell, tell us that a mixture of peroxide and dog urine will bleach our sphincters better than the corner cosmetic medical office can, and we’ll call you back in 15 minutes to let you know how it went.

It’s no surprise then that we found ourselves blindly bolting towards the Cupron satin pillowcases.

The brand claims that their pillowcases gradually erase signs of aging thanks to copper embedded within the fabric. We won’t flaunt our large medical knowledge (our friends arrogantly tell us that though we enjoy playing doctor, we are not, in fact, licensed medical practitioners) to explain how copper might have skin-rejuvenating properties, but if the mineral was celebrated by the ancient Egyptians, it’s good enough for our hedonistic asses.

Sure, it’s also possible that the dedication to a good night’s sleep Cupron’s pillowcases inspire may account for fresh, youthful appearances come morning time, but we’re still willing to give their claims a chance.

If the copper does prove to make 17 Again or Benjamin Button a somewhat reality, like our obsession with all time-twisting trends, we might go overboard. Thankfully, Cupron anticipates a certain fanaticism, and sells a complete copper-material package that includes the pillowcase, a pair of gloves and an eye mask.

Soon we’ll be impatiently waiting to wake up in the body of Zac Efron, instead of just lying next to him…

Cupron Satin Pillowcase, $38
Cupron Beauty Sleep Set, $55