Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Kiss & Tell

Finally, we can reveal to visitors the webcams and digital cameras that rest near our bed. Nope, no more covering up their blinking green lights with electrical tape… we can get back to putting the nimble, sweat-repealing tape to better uses.

Don’t get us wrong – the videos and pictures are great for private use. It’s not like we’d sell the recordings of our Oscar winner “appreciation nights” to disgraceful celebrity blogs or anything.

But we would, with our partner(s’) unwavering consent(s), plaster photos of us embraced in lip locks all over Interactive Male’s Big Gay Kiss website. Unlike tawdry gossip sites or gay photo blogs, Interactive Male’s latest endeavor has a respectable goal: marriage equality, and just as pleasing, $10,000 for the best video or picture of men kissing.

Those behind the Big Gay Kiss contest know us well: we know our way around a camera and another boy’s mouth; we are exhibitionists; we don’t hate money; and we’d rather not limit ourselves to tonguing only one boy at a time. Regarding this last (and our favorite part) of the contest, Interactive Male eagerly accepts pictures of two or more gays kissing, meaning we’ve got a lot of work to do before the contest’s Halloqueen deadline.

If frenching another fairy in front of a lens takes more balls than one currently has cupped in their hands, the Big Gay Kiss contest will also be travelling the country, hitting up large-scale gay events. Even if the prize money and helping out Marriage Equality USA isn’t one’s biggest priority, the contest will give partygoers a justification for making out with as many boys as they possibly can.

Finally, the pick-up line we’ve been using for years (“Come on, it’s for a good cause”) is not a little white party lie.

Free to enter
Photos and videos must be tasteful, and require an approval before being entered into the contest or posted online
Contest deadline: October 31, 2009
Grand prize winner to be chosen on November 9, 2009