Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hair of the Dogfish

No wonder gays like surrounding themselves with antiques – they help us feel like the youngest things in the room. With Dogfish Brewery’s launch of three ancient-but-revived brews, we’ll feel more like Daniel Radcliffe than Dumbledore.

The first brew, Chateau Jiahu, is based on a 9,000 year-old recipe from China. Archeologists and heavy-drinkers alike agree that the blend of rice, honey and fruit might be civilization’s oldest recipe for beer – ancient enough that Cher was considered legally underage when it first hit the scene. But the boutique brewery has turned back time, and we’ll soon add Jiahu to our list of centuries-old Asian methods of entertainment that we employ (seaweed body wraps, dressing as a Geisha, etc.).

Next on the list is the Delaware-based brewery’s revival of another ancient libation, Theobroma. Originally released as one exclusive batch in 2008, the 3,200 year-old cocoa- and chili-based recipe hails from South America. Though we like bringing mature Latin things to our lips, Theobroma has been accused of being too sweet; then again, so have we.

The final spot on Dogfish’s unique summer release schedule goes to the first public shipment of Sah’tea, a Finnish beverage from the ninth century. Those who have tasted the brew have called it euphoric thanks to its mix of Finnish berries, spices and caramelized wort. As the youngest and fruitiest bottle on the brewery’s boutique roster, our tongues are eager for a sample, though as it goes with us after a few beers, we’re likely to get it on with any of Dogfish’s rejuvenated old-timers…

Chateau Jiahu and Sah’tea are available at retailers nationwide
Theobroma starts shipping later this month
For more information or a map of nearby Dogfish retailers, visit www.dogfish.com