Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Goodness, Gracious.

You know us, we’re a bunch of cheap drunks. We’re just as happy drinking a Boone’s Farm martini (on the rocks out of a sippy cup) as we are a $100-a-glass Chardonnay. The end result is all the same (us dancing on the tables at the bar or deep in a well “putting the lotion on our skin”).

Well, that was all before we were introduced to The Macallan. We’ve never really understood scotch (well, except for the invisible tape variety) because (shocker!) we like our cocktails more on the fruity side. Yet when The Macallan stopped by the GayListDaily Mansion for a private scotch tasting, we were immediately hooked.

Like fine wines, each scotch whisky has unique flavors and aromatic notes that vary based on number of years aged and the method in which they are made. The older the scotch, the more expensive, but we found ourselves enjoying a good 18-year-old more than a supposedly more sophisticated 30-year-old.

The first sip is a little hard to get used to if you’re not a seasoned scotch drinker, but by the third taste, we were officially in love.

We now find ourselves cruising drink menus for The Macallan every time we go out for a drink. But it wasn’t just the flavor that had us hooked – it was the balls. The great big balls of perfectly formed ice that are now a signature for The Macallan.

Available only at Abacus right now, this fancy device creates iceballs that provide maximum chill with minimum dilution, a key to enjoying scotch for many. Or you can contact brand ambassador Jay Liddell and arrange a private tasting for your business, charity or alumni organization and watch the ice press in action, up close and personal. It’s a chilling – and rewarding – experience.

Now The Macallan is our official drink of choice, so consider this fair warning to all those who buy us drinks at the bars. We’ve officially crossed over to the “high-dollar” category. But we’re worth it.

Contact jay.liddell@remyusa.com for Dallas-area private tasting events