Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Boots Were Made For Rockin’

Little Boots is too big to be held back by the pond. Fresh off her win in the 2009 BBC Sound of Music poll and the release of her critically-acclaimed European debut, Hands, the British electropop artist is prepared to take over the world. Considering America is goo-goo for Lady Gaga (to whom Little Boots is often compared), the quirky export should have no problem making a splash, especially in the LGBT community. Like Ellis Island, us gays are the first to intercept gorgeous international pop sensations, and knowing this, Little Boots took a moment out of her busy summer-festival schedule to chat with Gay List Daily about her upcoming North American mini-tour, Prop 8, drag queens, and the quirky instruments that help her stick out of the female electropop crowd.

Gay List Daily: Congratulations on Hands! It will surely top every critic’s list of 2009. Has it all been a whirlwind for you?
Little Boots: Yeah, I think I’m kind of in the eye of the storm, so I don't really notice, I just keep going! But I’m relieved its out and I can finally get on with doing what I do.

GLD: You wrote and intended ‘Stuck on Repeat’ for Kylie Minogue to sing. Does that mean you didn’t expect the success you’ve achieved as your own artist?
LB: It was just at the back of my mind. It was never anything official… I was just listening to Can't Get You Out of my Head a lot. I didn't really know what my own expectations were I just kept doing what felt right.

GLD: So now that the gays know you’re a Kylie fan, what other female artists inspire you?
LB: Kate Bush, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Joni Mitchell, Girls Aloud; just good pop songs, but it helps if they're interesting too!

GLD: Do you ever tire of being compared to Lady Gaga or Ladyhawke?
LB: Nah. It’s worse for them than it is for me. At least I don't have “lady” in front of my name!

GLD: Your choice of instruments is absolutely fascinating. How did you come to use the Tenori-on?
LB: It was in a studio I was working in. I borrowed it and quickly became fascinated. It just kept going from there…

GLD: Speaking of your musical prowess, you have a celebrated history in jazz. Any chance the genre might make more of an appearance in future Little Boots tracks?
LB: [laughs] I hope now!

GLD: What goes through your mind when you’re collaborating with electronic music icons like Joe Goddard (Hot Chip), Jas Shaw (Simian Mobile Disco) and Phil Oakey (Human League)?
LB: It’s just a real honor to work with so many talented people who take my opinion seriously. I’m very grateful and they are all inspiring in different ways.

GLD: You spent time in California to record your album. What are your thoughts on Prop 8 continuing to make marriage equality for gays illegal?
LB: Of course gay marriage should be legal – it’s ridiculous that it isn't. If two people love each other and want to make that official, what on earth is anyone's problem? It’s a beautiful thing! I don't understand laws sometimes.

GLD: You already know you have a loyal gay fan base, so it’s only a matter of time before us queens start doing our best Little Boots in drag. Any tips for future Little Boots drag impersonators?
LB: [laughs] That would be incredible! I'd love it! Well, lots of sequins and crystal, silver or gold eye shadow, anything a bit space age. I did Barbarella for G-A-Y performance recently in London…

GLD: You’ve played shows across the US before, but what are you most looking forward to on your upcoming US Illuminations tour?
LB: I always love New York, so that will be great. Plus [I look forward to] coming back to LA to see all my friends. I’m also excited to go to places I haven't been, like San Francisco.

GLD: It’s rumored that your UK festival tour will include extended dance/rave remixes of album cuts. Can we expect the same for the US tour?
LB: Yeah, we have a few edits of the songs to make them longer and a bit more club friendly. I’m sure we will keep them for the US.

GLD: With all the composing, the heavy tour schedule and album releases, how do you keep yourself sane?
LB: I really don't know. I try to make little trips away, even if they're just for a day. They’re really important as when it gets too much you have a goal to work towards. My boyfriend and family are really supportive as well.

GLD: Do you plan to continue posting on YouTube and Myspace, no matter how internationally successful you become?
LB: Yes of course – well, more my blog than Myspace, but it’s very important to me. It’s just a little more sporadic these days.

GLD: Any last words for those few US gays who don’t know you (yet) but are destined to fall in love with you?
LB: [laughs] Well, I love you already, so I hope you love me back!

You can catch Little Boots on the Illuminations tour this September in the US and Canada:
September 14, Wrongbar, Toronto
September 16, Bowery Bar, New York
September 17, Empty Bottle, Chicago
September 18, Roxy, LA
September 19, The Independent, San Francisco

The Illuminations EP is out in North America and available on iTunes