Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Grab That Ask

We really need more hot straight boys as friends on our social networks. Sure there are the obvious reasons – fun late night MySpace stalking; hooking them up with, living vicariously through and then becoming extremely jealous of our gorgeous fruit flies – but there are those rare times when our fag stags are good for more than just eye candy. That rattling sound in our trunk, which NFL quarterback has the best record of practicing shirtless – there are always questions we have that only our straight mates might be able to answer.

Sure we have a gazillion resources at our fingertips online, but we prefer spending our valuable time letting our fingertips tap other resources. And besides, when it comes to asking hot heteros questions, like where to find the drunkest and most open-minded frat boys, we much prefer mouth-to-mouth word-of-mouth. Our liaison to the straight world, Aardvark is helping us gain valuable insight in real time from our growing daisy chain of social network friends.

With the client installed, answer-seekers simply type any question into the chat-like interface. Aardvark then sends the question to the asker’s social networks – but only specific friends, as the service seeks out those best fit for providing an exceptional answer based on their profile information. Within five minutes – enough time to refill the cocktail glass – Aardvark will have returned a localized answer that feels much more intimate than the responses those wham-bam-thank-you-man, faceless companies might provide.

Considering the gaggle of gorgeous guys we’ve been friending just to try out Aardvark, five minutes of faceless intimacy is more than enough for us to “see the light”…