Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Switching To Vibrate

Heed our advice: from this point forward, handle cute bottoms’ iPhones with caution.

Consider yourselves, ravishing readers, lucky we left the bedroom for five minutes to share the word; we too have developed a crush on our new favorite application, MyVibe. The iPhone’s first vibrator, otherwise known as our current fling, is the only application we’ve noticed that has earned a highly-coveted X rating (and believe us, we’ve been searching).

MyVibe’s interface is simple – a large power switch alongside scrolling arrows that control intensity and length of pulses – but its uncomplicated look and few controls mean we can get down to business right away.

You may not believe it, but some deem us connoisseurs of such devices. And considering the amount of grueling research we’ve put into this free application (we’re hard workers), we’ve become aware that it might not have enough oomph to knock the tube socks off some of us; after all, the strength of the application is directly related to the iPhone’s maximum vibration.

But since our last cheek waxing we’ve been ultra sensitive, and are able to find MyVibe’s abilities pretty arousing. Our friends are happy with the product as well. Their phone bills are markedly lower now that we don’t randomly beg them to call us late at night and let it ring for at least three minutes…

MyVibe is free via iTunes