Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Backwoods Barbies

As sixes on the Kinsey Scale, we have a natural inclination towards all things camp.

Since childhood, our camp abilities have been put to use in different senses of the word, whether helping tragic drag queens with their makeup, or hiding in the bushes surrounding the Phoenix Cardinals’ summer camp. But never did we imagine that we’d find an adult summer camp for the LGBT – a camp where we will actually have the balls (hopefully against our chins) to ask the hot jock of the group to escape to the forest with us.

That is, if we have time for a romp with some wood in the woods.

If you know anything about us, you’d know that if a vacation, event or even business meeting has enough going on to keep sex off our minds for more than two minutes, it’s doing something right. Camp Camp must be doing its best, then, to keep us from frolicking down the happy trail.

There’s yoga, late-night hiking, crocheting, campfire show-tunes sing-alongs, crafts, gay games, tea dances, adventure courses and so many more campy camp experiences that we’ve already finished a draft of our letter home to Daddy (whom we met just last week at the Manhole).

On second thought though, the adrenaline that the unique vacation promises to provide might backfire, giving us enough energy to be a tramp tramp at Camp Camp.

Sunday, August 23 – Sunday, August 30
$995 covers activities, meals and accommodations
Private massages, camp store merchandise and some sightseeing tours are extra
Fees are due by Wednesday, July 15
Outside of Kezar Falls, Maine