Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dial, Mommie, Dial!

Procrastination can be a really useful tool. Like the time we kept delaying our wedding to that straight girl from church because God kept telling us to save ourselves “just one more year.” Eventually, she got the hint and broke it off without an ugly scene. And it was all thanks to procrastination (or maybe when she caught us naked in the laundry room with Bill. And Jeff. Oh, and that really cute newscaster guy).

But there is one instance we can think of when procrastination is not our friend and that’s during KRLD Restaurant Week.

Somehow, it sneaks up on us every year and we’re scrambling to find reservations at Dallas’ hottest new restaurant the day before we want to go. And somehow we always find ourselves cursing our fate over a Jumbo Jack and curly fries. Well, this year we’re calling early. And giving you a friendly reminder, too.

Reservations begin today for the weeklong event from Monday, August 17 through Sunday, August 23. If you’re new to the city or regularly eat products out of your freezer with the words “Lean” or “Pocket” on the packaging, then don’t miss out on the foodie equivalent of the World Series. Or maybe a better analogy would be a 40-year-old virgin in a whorehouse. We want to try it all.

For just $35 per person, you’ll get a fantastic three-course meal at a participating high-end restaurant. Seven dollars of each meal goes to the North Texas Food Bank and Lena Pope Home in Fort Worth (last year they raised over $430,000 from a whopping 75,000 reservations), so the more gluttonous you are this year, the more good you’ll do!

So what are you waiting for? Step away from the computer and start dialing! Reservations fill up quickly. And if the whole “telephone” thing is too old school, you can log on to www.opentable.com and make your reservations that way.

Bon appetit!