Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

No Banana-Hammock Necessary…

Summer is the time to celebrate large, tropical nuts, which is why we’re looking forward to reuniting with our Argentinean cockubine for a weekend. (Don’t worry, we’re considering informing our Lieutenant – the title our current fling demands we use in bed – before we go M.I.A.)

But summer is hot and we’re notoriously impatient queens, so the Vita Coco drinks will have to hit our eager spots in the meantime.

The sport-ish beverage first caught our eye when we noticed it claimed to rehydrate faster than its competition, and has now launched a new 500 ml size. We gulp down plenty of electrolyte-loaded beverages due to the amount of sweat we earn when at the gym (not from exercising, mind you), but the huge 500 ml of Vita Coco did the trick better than any trick we’ve ever touched to our lips.

Aside from electrolytes, coconuts are also heralded for their potassium, meaning these packaged drinks pack more of the nutrient than a banana – though we’re not sure this factoid is enough to stop us from eating the fruit (a girl will never allow her skills to rust).

The benefits of the all-natural, sweetener-free beverage – repaired muscle tissues, clearer skin, soothed stomachs – are remarkable, but we wouldn’t be your fairy godmothers if we didn’t give you advice on where to put your mouths. Though there are quite a few to choose from, the coconut/acai/pomegranate and the coconut/tangerine offerings are so refreshingly good they made us feel like we had that palm-tree right between our legs with a pair of scrumptious nuts in sight!

If a summer drink can do that to us, we’re sold.

$3 MSRP per unit
Available at retailers around the country