Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Enze Envy

Staying one skip ahead of the common closet is our Gucci-given duty. Sure, the doggie-style days of July and August have us sweating more than Perez Hilton while shopping in the black-eyed peas isle at the grocery store, but we’ll be queens of the damned if we’re not the first to wear the upcoming fall season’s latest looks.

Possibly the best reason to risk heat stroke this summer are the playful-yet-sleek sartorial fall/winter offerings from Enze, a new menswear line.

The brand’s debut collection seamlessly bridges its signature style in everything from suits to casual wear, but it’s Enze’s impeccable-fitting pants that have us wanting to take ours off this very moment.

Sure to be seen in worldwide Gayborhoods months after we first don them are the label’s Smooth Rider pants – a modern take on the baggy up-above, tapered down-below Hammer-style pants from the 80’s. No funky, neon designs here though; a reserved navy color makes this stylish garment wearable whether on business or trying to lure a boy at the bar to your own private hammer time.

Other of Enze’s virgin offerings we’re excited to pop are its jackets, like the Agent 001 jacket or the Parisian Gent’s coat.

Yea, wearing to-die-for-winter-jackets at mid-summer pool bashes may have our loved ones committing us into straightjackets instead, but if Enze designs them, we’ll rock the shit out of those, too.