Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Fab Way To Rehab

We’d like to apologize. You know, for this whole economy thing. The bad credit card decisions, all us. We’ve been waiting for the cameras and that creepy guy from Intervention to surprise us while we’re visiting our family, but so far nothing.

However, after a few harsh words from President Obama and Vice President Suze Orman, we’ve found the cojones to be able to stand up and say, “Our name is Mary, and we’re addicted to shopping.”

No longer do we have our mail sent to Barney’s. No longer are we on a first name basis with the personal concierge at Prada. No longer does Zac Posen enforce his restraining order.

We’ve reeled in our sartorial symptoms and shredded all but four credit cards (that’s an improvement!). But with signs of a strengthening economy and fewer withdrawal symptoms, we’re ready to begin buying once again. Perhaps Trunk Club will help us find the healthy (checking book) balance.

Launched mere weeks ago, the personal clothing shopper service, like us, is strictly for men. Also like us, it prefers to meet guys and do its work over Skype.

If one is too busy with work, domestic duties or can’t step foot inside a department store without mortgaging their home, but coddles good taste in quality fashion, Trunk Club will set them up with a personal clothing expert, no need to leave the office or home. After a few quick forms and an initial webcam consultation, customers are connected with their personal expert who ships them drool-worthy labels (7 for all Mankind, John Varvatos, etc), and continues consulting with them throughout the entire shopping experience.

There is no minimum purchase required, meaning the club might help us keep our goal of not maxing out within grasp, but it’s the added benefit of having an expert’s opinion on the fit and style of our wardrobe that’s invaluable.

No longer will we head to the office in midriff tees or our sparkled blouse-cut Marc Jacobs v-neck; we now have experts who – unlike our jealous friends – won’t let us leave the home in such garb, and who will gladly send us items that actually make our asses pop instead of purposefully tricking us into wearing our “fat” jeans…

Members pay only for the retail prices of clothing
Shipping is complimentary