Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Chakra Khan

One of our biggest pet peeves (we have so many, we could open a pet-peeve adoption shelter) is when businesses and people blatantly rip off the slogans of existing companies.

Luckily, we were able to put a cease-and-desist order against Senator Larry Craig when we heard he planned to use our slogan, “Put Some Gay in Your Day” for his controversial, toe-tapping re-election campaign.

But there is one slogan that is so often ripped off, its illegal usage must be stopped: “Membership Has Its Privileges.” People, this is a registered trademark of American Express, one of the world’s most gigantic corporations. Do you really want to mess with that?

Well, damned if we’re not prepared to look the tiger in the eyes on this one because when it comes to Dallas’ Hiatus Spa + Retreat, that oft-borrowed slogan is just about the best darn description we can come up with.

At Hiatus, not only does membership have its share of perks, most of them involve full-body contact. Try getting that next time you flash your platinum card at Chili’s.

For just $59 per month for a one-year commitment (or $69 per month for a six-month stint), you get your choice of one of four amazing treatments per month (each regularly priced at $95 apiece for non-members). Select from a 50-minute facial, massage or body wrap; or a 30-minute full body exfoliation. Then for a nominal fee you can upgrade your service with dozens of options from expanded treatment time to different techniques and products.

For an additional $19, we upgraded to the Chakra aligning massage (which also added 15 minutes to our time). This amazingly relaxing treatment is equal parts massage, equal parts meditation. And now that all of our seven chakras are in tip-top shape, we know we have the power this year to finally make it onto American Idol. Fingers crossed!

We followed our massage with a 65-minute Well-Groomed Men’s Facial. The treatment was so calming that we never wanted to leave the treatment room. But then the world wouldn’t get to experience the power of our radiant new skin.

Now we just can’t wait for August to roll around.

Hiatus Spa + Retreat
Inwood Village
5560 West Lovers Lane, Suite 250, Dallas
(214) 352 -4111