Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Changing The World’s Order

Wrecking the economy (and getting wrecked) just got easier. Thank Godiva!

The latest iPhone application to make our gay lives easier and our CC bills bogged down by bar tabs is myOrder. Unlike those fake beer apps that taunt and tease us with physics-enabled animated images that only allow us to pretend (the horror!) to booze it up, this new application actually gets the job done.

For those moments when the 20-minute long line of boozing boys has you actually considering skipping a cocktail (again, the horror!), myOrder lets you skip the lines by placing your drink order with your phone.

Sure, you still have to pick up the libation wherever you specify in the transmission, but at perpetually-crowded gay national hot spots like the Abbey, Splash, XL, etc., the amount of time the tool saves patrons frees them up for much naughtier bar moments than might be had standing behind a line of men (though, honestly, we’ve had a few naughty moments doing just that).

As of press time there are only a handful of bars that have systems set up to work with myOrder, but we see the application as the wave of the future. Just as long as the wave isn’t too rocky – we plan to be much drunker from now on out.