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Puttin’ On The Fritz

When fashion and music blur the lines, it’s usually some drunken rock star bumping into a designer’s mirror-faced coffee table at afterhours. Though the two art forms run in tandem, it’s rare for artists to combine them with much success – unless the artists are Fritz Helder and the Phantoms.

The Toronto electropop sensation has been electrifying gay audiences for some time now, but their debut record, Greatest Hits: Platinum Edition, finally gives us something to hold onto (and shake around).

An album full of sartorial obsessions, upon first listen GHPE sounds like something Brüno might have loaded on his iPod. But it’s once you peel back the thin layer of electro synths and thumping beats that the group really plugs into the audience.

We found this to occur best on the second half of the album, starting with “Work It,” continuing through the disco-revitalizing “Fritzomania” (our favorite) and “Lagerfield Lady,” and ending with “Like A Lady.”

Though it’s these lush tracks that really hook into our memories, it’s the electropop blueprint to peddle a bit of frivolous enjoyment that shouldn’t be ignored. We think the darling band accomplishes this best on the fagulous “You Ain’t Vouge,” a track stocked with such bitchy quips that we’re taking notes.

And you, lovely readers, should take note too: judging from their record, Fritz Helder and the Phantoms won’t be a passing fad.

Fritz Helder and the Phantoms
Greatest Hits: Platinum Edition
Available now on iTunes

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