Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Just One More Bumper

Measurements turn us on. Large numbers have always invited us down onto all fours (there we go again with the numbers). It’s always been like that, the whole stats making us moan thing. Our parents interpreted our vocal responses to rulers as a bright future in architecture.

Sadly, we proved them wrong by age 13.

Lately, it’s the number of online followers one has that’s been rocking our cocks off. Just whisper in our ear that you have 1,500 followers on Twitter and we’ll open up as wide as Transformers.

Don’t have thousands of friends hanging on your every-30-second updated word? No problem – there’s a new service that’ll ensure you’ll have us excited in no time: Tweet My Bumper.

Tweet My Bumper’s idea is simple: send them your snail mail and your Twitter username, and they’ll send you back a bumper sticker displaying your Twitter address. Soon enough, those souls following you closely on the road might start following you just as closely on the Internets. It’s not frightening at all!

And if you’re wondering, yes, we’ve already started modifying the company’s idea by advertising our social networking pages from our rear ends. After all, it is more high profile than most car bumpers we know of.

Standard Sticker with Tweet My Bumper’s URL, $5;
Without Tweet My Bumper's URL, $8