Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Musical Chairs

When guests enter our homes there always has to be something that screams “Sit on me!” Since our unfortunate throat accident last week (we won’t get into it) makes us sound like Lucille Ball in her later years, that something begging for booty should be a fiercely-designed chair.

First up, the Flux chair is the closest thing to sculpture in our living rooms that we don’t have to hide before our mothers visit. Surprisingly made of a single piece of polypropylene, this artistic piece folds up and can be carried as a case for those times when you just have to show off how impeccable your design taste is (and, oh boy is it!).

If it’s outdoors where you do most of your “entertaining,” the modern chairs from Loll might add a bit of chair-flare to the yard or patio. The design company offers plenty to choose from, but we adore the playful character of its Lotus Chair. The seat sits 15 inches high, meaning it’s not quite tall enough to pull up to the picnic table, yet not short enough to be a lounge chair… but I’m sure we’ll find a great way to use those 15 inches outdoors.

We always do.

Fortunately, since gorgeous tops aren’t available 24/7, we have these great pieces of design giving our booties other options for delectable homes.

Flux chair available in August

Lotus chair, $325