Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Display It, Don’t Say It

Those close to us know that we wear our emotions on our sleeves. Thanks to Bitchy Teez, we now wear our thoughts on our heavily-worked out chests.

Not to be confused with Bitchy Tease (our webcam pseudonym), this t-shirt company is saying everything we’ve ever wanted to say but have had our mouths too busy to vocalize.

There’s the brand’s “Oh by the way… Your boyfriend is not a top” tee that we’re shocked isn’t out of stock yet. And then there’s the shirt reading, “Your ruler must be broken” that allows size queens to emerge from the closet without uttering a single word.

But it’s Bitchy Teez’s sentimental “I think your boyfriend is cheating on me” offering that we’ve needed at least seven or eight times the past year alone.

Unlike most bitches, the company redeems itself with good work and positive gay Pride shirts on the side, but as any gay would agree, it’s the sexy arrogance and sassiness that has us ready to throw these queens around our bodies.

“Oh, by the way…” fitted, $22; organic cotton, $26
“Your ruler…” basic, $20; fitted, $23
“I think your boyfriend…” fitted, $22; organic cotton, $25