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Time In A Bottle

Jumping in a time machine grew exponentially more appealing after watching Back to the Future. Who wouldn’t want to ride shotgun with the ever-cute Michael J. Fox, even if it were in a DeLorean?

Well, now we’re all grown up and time travel has taken on a completely different meaning. As the minutes, hours and years tick by we’re each slowly approaching demographic undesirability. But that doesn’t mean we can’t trick our tricks into thinking we’re years younger than what the birthdate “typo” on our driver’s license indicates.

Looking younger has never been safer, easier or more affordable and at Advanced Skin Fitness two new techniques are going to rock your big gay world.

Botox is officially about to be on the endangered species list as the de facto anti-aging product now that revolutionary Dysport has hit the market. Be one of the first to experience this treatment at Advanced Skin Fitness, one of the only skincare spas in the Dallas area to offer Dysport. The results are astonishing. Wrinkles disappear and a youthful appearance is apparent practically overnight. Plus, Dysport is cheaper and lasts an amazing 30 days longer.

Once you get your face is in tip-top-model shape, it’s time to focus on everything below the neck. Sure, Spanx are great for making everyone at the bar jealous of your slim physique, but at some point you’re going to be naked in front of somebody you need to impress (boyfriend, boss, airport security).

Well, it’s Zerona to the rescue. Think liposuction without all the poking, prodding and sucking (one instance where none of those are enjoyable). In just two weeks, you can lose inches from your waist and gain a more sculptured, toned appearance. And it’s all done with a space-age laser!

Don’t believe it? Check out this recent clip from The Doctors TV Show. All we can say is, where do we sign up?

Advanced Skin Fitness
2928 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas
(214) 521-5277

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