Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Warner Weather…

There’s only one person who can convince us to actually work out at the gym instead of merely hanging out in the showers: Jackie Warner.

Yea, watching her (and a few hot members of her staff) on the drama-filled Bravo show Work Out was a workout in itself, but we came to love and appreciate the feisty blonde (and the stomach her fitness regimen helped us craft). But with summer travel season in full swing, we’re worried our etched abs might be in danger – that is, unless Jackie has anything to do with it.

With her Gay List Daily-exclusive tips for staying in shape while on vacation, we don’t have to return from the cruise or Hawaii or from visiting our Thai houseboy looking like we spent a week touring diners in the South. Enjoy Warner’s wisdom, ravishing readers (especially #5)!

Jackie Warner’s tips for staying fit while on holiday:

1.) Substitute.
Choose soda water in lieu of juice-based and blended drinks. Juice has lots of sugar and empty calories. If you are planning on drinking cocktails, stick to vodka instead of rum, and avoid margaritas whenever possible. Margaritas may be fun but they are loaded with calories! Treat yourself to a vodka-based mojito instead; make sure you ask your bartender to make it sugar free. For those with a sweet tooth, Splenda can be substituted in place of sugar. It tastes just as great and won’t kill your waistline.

2.) Do as the natives do.
Eat plenty of native meats, fruits and vegetables, especially for you island travelers. Meats are usually spiced very well and thus not cooked in heavy oils and butter to compensate for taste; so, they are usually great low calorie meals. I always tell my clients to eat “the Good, the Bad and the Ugly” in that order on their plate. Classify foods on the plate in one of those categories and fill up accordingly. For example, “the Good” are vegetables and proteins and “the Bad” are starches like rice, potatoes or breads. “The Ugly” is obviously dessert and alcohol. The point is to fill up on the good so you won’t stuff yourself with poor choices.

3.) Exercise!
Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you have an excuse to avoid working out. Before you book travel reservations, call ahead and see if the hotel has onsite fitness facilities. If the gym isn’t your thing, make sure to plan lots of outdoor activities like water sports and hiking. Snorkeling is an excellent and fun way to burn a lot of calories.

4.) Swim, swim, swim.
Swimming is fantastic exercise, but there are added bonuses. Anytime you are in the water and the sun, you get a thermogenic affect which speeds up the metabolism. The extra Vitamin D from the sun also has a rejuvenating affect on the muscles and organs, including the skin. Make sure to always wear lots of sunscreen with the proper SPF!

5.) Have lots of romance!
Intimacy is not only great for the relationship, but it’s fantastic exercise…You can burn up to 500 calories an hour!

Look out for Jackie Warner’s second DVD “Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training,” out this December.