Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Benedict Charlie

Saturday brunch is sort of like wearing a halter top and no pants to church. Sure, it’s enjoyable, but it somehow doesn’t seem quite right.

Saturday is the day we cross off our list all the important errands and to-dos, like getting our dog’s hair re-dyed, changing the filter on our Brita pitcher and alphabetizing our spices. Somehow being seen drinking champagne over egg dishes is more glamorous on an early Sunday afternoon at a respectable 1:00 p.m. when a hangover is at its peak.

Well, Charlie Palmer is turning our brunch morals inside-out with its Saturday-Sunday scheduling of a gay’s most important meal of the week. Sure, plenty of other restaurants offer a two-day fling, but it took our own Saturday visit to try out the new brunch menu at CP’s Dallas location to turn is into perverts, er, converts.

No matter how hot it may get this summer, the patio’s the place to be. End of story. Downtown is alive all around you and the hustley-bustley city streets just make the spectacular cuisine laid out before you that much more spectacular-er.

So on to our favorite dishes. Hmmm…we could be smug and say “all of them” and end the review here, but that wouldn’t be fair to Humpty Dumpty and all his friends who died so honorably for our tasty delights.

Migas here are the best we’ve tasted anywhere since our foreign exchange stint in Mexico back in junior high. Sure, summering at a Mexican whorehouse was at first a little frightening for a young gay teen, but damn if those bitches didn’t know how to make some migas. Prepared at Charlie Palmer with the surprising addition of perfectly seasoned beef and tortilla chips sautéed until crisp (not mushy like some places), this was by far our favorite dish.

That is, until they brought out the Chicken and Waffle served with a side of syrup and gravy. At our waiter’s recommendation, we poured both atop the fluffy, crispy waffle and succulent fried chicken in what can only be described as a salty-sweet orgy of flavors we haven’t experienced, well, since that same summer at the whorehouse (don’t ask).

But then, the unexpected arrived. Chef Scott Romano’s interpretation of Eggs Benedict is nothing short of breathtaking. And believe us, we know our way around a plate of Eggs Benedict. Replacing the mundane sliver of Canadian Bacon in less ambitious versions, here is showcased an inch-or-more-thick pork tenderloin and spinach beneath the expertly poached egg and velvety hollandaise. The whole thing towers above the table like an edible Jenga stack. It’s hard to know how to tackle the monster, but we figured it out pretty quickly. And devoured every last morsel.

Top the whole meal off with wonderful fresh-fruit Mimosas and we can’t think of anything we’d rather be doing on a Saturday afternoon. Other than taking a nap and dreaming of our return to Uncle Charlie’s on Sunday.

Oh, and getting our iguana waxed.

Brunch served Saturday and Sunday, 10:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
1530 Main Street, Dallas
(214) 261-4600