Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Get Hard, Look Young

When we were asked to try out a new cocktail, we were most assuredly excited. Then we found out it was a cocktail you put on your face, not in it.

Suddenly we weren’t quite as thrilled.

But when Dallas-based beauty expert D’Andra Simmons told us the concoction was part of her Hard Night Good Morning line, we were once again bouncing off the walls with joy. (She doesn’t have to know, but she had us at “Hard.”)

Her revolutionary aloe vera-based serum is filled with botanical extracts and top-secret ingredients. (We think it’s the tears of angels and the breath of kittens, but that’s just an educated guess.) Now believe us, we’re pitched a lot of crazy claims with products that are sent to us, and as we’ve told you before, there are far more items in the “Reject” pile than the ones we select to share with you.

Well, let’s just say this Hard Night Good Morning is pretty darned amazing. After cleansing our skin at night, we put on the Facial Cocktail and within seconds, our skin felt like it was getting tighter and smoother. Just like a scene out of Death Becomes Her, only without Goldie Hawn’s scary lips.

Indeed, as we stared lovingly at ourselves in the mirror our lone wrinkle practically disappeared! Imagine what this could do for mere mortals with more than one!

Finally, after a long night of socializing over martinis, we only have to worry about the state of our livers and the calories in a 2:00 a.m. Monster Taco orgy at Jack in the Box. With Hard Night Good Morning, at least our skin will look fresh and sober the next day.

And that makes for a very good morning, indeed.

$155, 1 fl oz.