Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Wining For Some Chocolate

Our wrists are tired. They endure push ups, cocktail glass tipping, and hours and hours of jerking motions. It’s no wonder they’re always limp – they’re resting!

Life is about to get easier for them, though, because we’ve discovered the wine-filled chocolates of Petrossian.

Sure, alcohol delivered in a casket of chocolate is nothing new. In fact, we had our first hangover at four-years-old after we discovered mom’s stash of Grand Marnier little liqueur chocolate bottles. However, we’ve avoided the novelty liqueur candies ever since simply because the quality of the chocolate was lacking.

“Since when have you turned down any method of imbibing alcohol,” you ask? Well, never, really. We just prefer our chocolate to be as delectable as the drink.

Petrossian’s desserts satisfy this need. Perhaps it’s because the alcohol that fills them – champagne or cabernet sauvignon – is enhanced once it gets inside of some chocolate (kind of like us!).

The wine-filled chocolates give our legs rest from traveling between the bar and the catering table and provide our wrists with relief from alternating between the wine flute and the wrapper.

It seems like Petrossian understands that when it comes to alcohol and chocolate, it’s best we let our mouths do all the work.

Champagne- or Cabernet- filled chocolates, $35