Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Turning The Page

It’s depressing to see entities grow old and fade away. Even when they’ve moved on to their fourth nose or injected enough Botox that even Bruce Jenner would say they’ve gone too far, it’s obvious youth has passed. Before, we might have believed that not enough collagen in the world could turn back the conniving hands of time for literary magazines. Then we stumbled upon Electric Literature.

Those who know us may be surprised to learn that there are other magazines we “read” besides Inches or Blueboy. Well, thanks to a tip that Electric Literature’s inaugural issue includes a preview of Michael Cunningham’s (The Hours) unreleased novel-in-progress, Olympia, now a glossy is stimulating our mind organs, too. We’re all about equal opportunity!

However, the new publication isn’t restricted to the physical confines of print; as the first literary magazine to be offered as an eBook and through mobile applications (on Kindle and iPhone), Electric Literature is the Botox of the medium, injecting youth into a tired niche that had started showing its age.

The ease and affordability of Electric Literature’s digital incarnations will make quality American fiction available to a wider audience, and the publication’s focus on delicious short stories is ideal for the contemporary attention span.

Finally, a facelift that’s not all plastic.

Inaugural Issue features work by Michael Cunningham, Jim Shepard, T Cooper, Lydia Millet and Diana Wagman
Paperback, $9.95
Digital versions (Kindle, eBook, iPhone), $4.95
Subscription prices for the six yearly issues vary