Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sherlock Homo

It wasn’t only the Hula Hoop that prepared gay boys for an adulthood of landing hot guys; Where’s Waldo chipped in, unsuspectingly readying us for a lifetime of searching amidst the crowd for a specific man. We’ve integrated the lessons learned from Waldo into adulthood, setting our radars to pick up anything with five inches or more in a ten-mile range. But we could always use a little help.

Currently in its beta stages is Find Fred, a new dating/hookup website to add to our already-bustling bookmark folder for the genre. Do we really need more ways to find guys in the oversaturated online hookup market, you might ask?

Yes, we do!

Not only is Find Fred yet another avenue to tramp down on the hunt for mens, but the site provides new, novel search methods for us to utilize.

After setting up a profile through a rather engrossing process that’s similar to creating an avatar or a Mii, the website incorporates user data into a state-of-the art algorithm – a process that doesn’t seem to be offered by its competition. Combined with input by gay relationship therapists, Find Fred unique matching process has convinced us it will usher in an era of bountiful online-hookup success.

Because we’re still waiting for the full site to launch (scheduled to happen any minute), we have a moment to ponder what the time period following Find Fred’s revolution of the gay social website will be called. The JurASSic? The Bone Age? (Sorry, we’ve been watching too many sale-rack adult films lately…)

Find Fred beta is online now
Free and Premium memberships to launch soon