Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Dog (-Free) Days Of Summer

We’ve been itching lately, and it’s all Fido’s fault.

No, it’s not because we’ve picked up something while spooning our pooch (we’ve been really lonely lately); it’s because we can’t seem to get away to enjoy any of the summer’s high homo holidays.

If you haven’t noticed, entire gayborhoods pack up and leave on cruises to the Baltics or to see the fireworks in P-town. Who’s left to doggie sit? The straights that infiltrate the dog park, forgetting that it doubles as an unofficial daytime cruising bar?

Hmmph, we barely speak the same language!

But now we might actually be able to take part in the debauchery at Southern Decadence or any other queercation that comes to mind, thanks to SwapADog.com. The membership site offers plenty of useful services for dog owners (such as advice and pet care links), but really gets us going by connecting us with locals who may be interested in exchanging doggie day care time.

A peer-to-peer pet sitting service, Swap A Dog is golden (retriever, in this case) to us. Sure, it might mean that some weeks during the year we’ll have more bitches up in our crib than that guy in Big Love, but now it’ll cost us less to get away, both from after saving on what we would have spent to kennel, and after saving on the high bar tab provoked by the stress of kenneling.

At least that’s the excuse we give our therapists for drinking so much while on gay-vacay.

Year-long memberships range from $17 – $47