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Simmering Down Summer

We need to take a moment to catch our breath this summer. You see, we’re afflicted with circuit foot from the countless extended-hour Pride dance parties, and circuit throat from you-don’t-wanna-know-where. But the energy we metabolize from the constant flow of summertime electro pop and dance music doesn’t allow us to slow down. That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of the debut album from Anjulie.

The record sharing the newly-minted artist’s name plays like a rainy August day: refreshing alongside radio waves overcrowded with upbeat monotony.

Sure, a couple of our favorite tracks, “Addicted2Me” and “Crazy That Way” maintain a faster, gym-ready tempo, but Anjulie truly shines in the album’s softened moments, when her jazz-throwback vocals are allowed to linger. “Rain” and “Boom” are two of these tracks, setting the mood for relaxation better than a couple of sangrias ever could.

We’d be remiss in our review if we didn’t state the obvious: comparisons can easily be drawn between Anjulie and (pre-Timbaland) Nelly Furtado – which is a good thing. In fact, Anjulie sounds like the answer to the electro pop epidemic that has taken over gay iPods for the better part of the year, in case you were asking.

After our summer exhaustion, all we want is to relax and lie down. Luckily, the self-titled debut from Anjulie inspires us to do just that, and because of its blatant sexiness, we’re likely to not be alone when doing so.

Anjulie is available now
$8 on iTunes
(Image credit: Sheryl Nields)

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