Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Quit Your Kitchen

Our grandmothers passed a breadth of knowledge down from the glamorous 50’s that we’ve taken to heart.

We know how to handle a few classic martinis and know when to sit down, shut up, and let the man dominate.

But mostly we gleaned from grandma our way around the kitchen – a knowledge that’s a bit difficult to breathe life into when our appliances are cold, modern and automatic. Thankfully, we’ve stumbled across Retro Kitchen’s appliances and can now put ourselves in grandma’s heels (often literally) to prance around the kitchen, sloshed while bringing the roast to perfection in an art-deco era oven from its Big Chill collection.

The kitsch doesn’t end on the stove, however; the Big Chill line of appliances also includes fridges and dishwashers that reek of (skinny) Elvis.

But like Ivana Trump, these relics of the 50’s are modernized through the wonders of technology.

Not only are all of Retro Kitchen’s appliances Energy Star rated, they also come with modern luxuries, like automatic ice makers (optional) and infra-red broilers.

If, however, you’re weary over whether something so vintage looking can perform without a bit of assistance, as far as its dishwashers go, the company also sells its dishwasher panels a la carte to apply over your existing unit, giving it that old-timey look.

We know, we know; it’s rare for us gays to want things to appear older…

Retro Stove, $4,295
Retro Fridge, $2,495 – $3,295
Retro Dishwasher, $1,695
Retro Dishwasher Panel, $525