Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Leg Up On The Competition

Fashion isn’t fair. In fact, it seems fairness is often out of fashion. Summer comes and our fruit flies’ outfits get skimpier and skimpier, while we can only don our banana sling at the beach and the bathhouse. No fair!

What happened to the glory (hole) days of the 70’s and 80’s, when a man’s upper thigh, leg, and maybe even a berry or two were appreciated sights of summer? It seems that shorts have been punishing us gays over the past few decades by creeping further past the knees and bulking us up with cargo pockets.

Well, The Standard (yes, the famously trendy hotel group) has teamed up with Quicksilver to say “enough is enough!” with a new line of board shorts for men.

The four retro-style offerings were designed with the mood of each of The Standard’s locations in mind. There are the stars of Hollywood, the preference for black that we share with New York, the yellow and white tones that enhance a tan only Miami can provide… and for some reason, red and white polka dots that supposedly signify downtown Los Angeles.

The designs are cute, the style even cuter, but what we really dig about these shorts, man, are the directions printed into the inner-waistbands that conveniently point out nearby attractions.

Maybe now we won’t be kicked out of the rooftop pool area when we ask cute guys to come take a look at what’s in our shorts…

Available at The Standard Shops in each hotel and online