Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

How Low Can You Go?

Finally, a beer so low in calories that we’re tempted to pour it into our sports bottle and drink it while we do our cardio workout on the elliptical machine. We’ve always thought that working out while slightly tipsy would actually motivate us more. But that’s an issue better saved for our team of therapists next girls’ night out.

What is relevant, however, is our excitement over the new Budweiser Select 55. We were equally jazzed about Miller Genuine Draft Light 64 last year, but we now have a new favorite for two reasons: a lower calorie content, and a more authentic taste.

Sure, if you’re used to drinking full-body (high-calorie) beers, then this may be a shock to your system. We drink ours with lime, which makes us feel like we’re south of the border with something Mexican in our mouths.

Even without the lime, compared to MGD 64, BS 55 has a more hoppy flavor, a darker color and a nice, smooth taste. But it’s really about the low calories for us and the good news is that one beer is only two grey “special treat” cards in our Richard Simmons Deal-A-Meal program. Score!

Dallas is one of the few test markets to get this new beer, so we’re hoping it catches on. If not, we may just have to drink a few margaritas to drown our sorrows. After all, something with a straw would be easier to drink on the treadmill.

55 calories, 1.9g carbs, 0.5g protein and 0.0g fat, per 12oz.

Support The Community
Fruit Bowl, one of our favorite gay events of the year, is happening this Sunday. It’s like our white-trash upbringing and our gay “sophistication” have finally come together for one fleeting afternoon of fun!

This year’s theme is Super Fruit Bowl, so we hope to see Wonder Woman, Superman and the Ambiguously Gay Duo bowling in support of Human Rights Campaign. (Don’t worry, costumes are not required!)

Check out all the details and sign up at www.hrc.org/fruitbowl.