Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Story of Dorian Fey

There are no more and no less than nine mirrors in our two bedroom abode. Even if we’re able to pry ourselves away from our reflections and successfully make it out of the house, any mirrored surface in the outside world has the ability to catch and hold us with the strength of a fly-girl trap.

So it was with great relief that our friends introduced us to the Puppet Artists. They thought the novel product might distract us away from the outer-tinted windows of parked cars or our Paul Frank compacts long enough to hold a conversation (about us, of course).

After three seconds of initial awkwardness, we were all about having a puppet custom-made in our likeness (and possibly a custom puppet made in Tom Brady’s likeness for confidential reasons).

The skilled hands behind PuppetArtists.com certainly know their craft. The finished product is as similar to a portrait as a puppet can be, and in our case, considering where the hand fits inside the doll, the artists matched the photograph we sent in to a tee!

Portrait puppet base price, $175
Clothing, accessories and shipping are extra
Life-sized portrait puppet, $600, excluding extras